What is a doula and why should you choose one?

Birth doulas provide physical, emotional, and informational support to the pregnant person, their partner, and/or other family members. They work with the family prenatally to make a birth plan, support the family throughout the duration of labor, and assist with postpartum adjustment and breastfeeding. Doulas can attend births in any setting, and are a great addition to a hospital care team. Doulas–unlike midwives or OBGYNs–are not medically trained so are not prepared to give medical advice. Instead, doulas focus on supporting the laboring person and bearing witness to the incredible beauty of their unique birth experience. 

Why choose a doula?

Birth can be an amazing, vulnerable, breathtaking, scary, and, most importantly, life-changing experience. Your doula wants to celebrate you through every part of that journey. During challenging moments, they will provide comfort by supporting position changes and breathwork. They will rejoice with you and provide witness to your power and strength. Your doula will prioritize your autonomy, comfort, and your own vision for your birth experience.

Additionally, doulas have been examined by scientific studies, and have been shown to lead to many benefits. Some of those benefits include…

  • Less likely to need a Cesarean section
  • Increased chances of unmedicated childbirth
  • More likely to enter labor spontaneously
  • More positive birth experiences

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